Martingale System

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On this page we talk about the Progression System to win at Sports Betting.
Requiring maximum attention to everything written below.

Martingale System

Martingale Strategy
Characteristics & implementation
Martingale System Example
Important Practical Advice
What should be remembered?
Worth the risk?
Widely used in the world of casinos, martingale method is also applicable to sports betting, a condition of having a lot of money and nerves bombproof! The martingale is a method of betting where you have to double your bet every losing bet until you win. Applying this method with odds greater than 2,00 you get a gain for each winning bet. But be careful, in case of serious negative your bets will increase at a rate exaggerated: starting for example with 10€ you should bet 320€ if you lose your first 5 bets!

Suppose we start our simulation from 10€ and place bets on black at the casino roulette with the coefficient 2,00
#1 €10 2,00 -€10 -€10
#2 €20 2,00 -€20 -€30
#3 €40 2,00 -€40 -€70
#4 €80 2,00 -€80 -€150
#5 €160 2,00 +€320 -€310 + €320 = €10
We will invest 310€ in bets, after 5 levels we will gain just €10 (320€ win - 310€ bet amount)
Although this is the most popular betting strategy in the world, we don't recommend it to the players on a limited budget, because the odds are growing very rapidly, which is very important for the security of your capital.

To earn in this system the following should be considered:
1. First of all you need to prepare the budget before the bets.
2. Do not bet on low odds, because eventually it does not pay off.

What needs to be remembered:
1. Progression is a system for the mentally strong players who have a strong self-control and are patient.
2. The Martingale is usually used in casino and roulette games.
3. This betting system is not suitable for the players who want to win a lot in a short time.
4. Martingale Strategy is not stable for long series of defeats.
5. Do not use Martingale at the beginning and at the end of the season.

The martingale has nothing miraculous: It will not increase your chances of winning, as opposed to methods of Surebet. It is simply a mathematical concept that works, provided you have a lot of money where you can tap into infinity. Imagine for example a streak of 10 consecutive lost bets with a bet of departure of 10€. Eleventh bet is to hope to recover all your investments and make a small win, you have to bet not less than 10,240€!

Finally, the martingale system can be profitable on the short time, but it will be logically loser over a long period, primarily for two reasons:

1. The bookmakers impose betting limits and you can not always bet double the previous bet
2. Your portfolio is not infinite. Otherwise, you would not need to read our tips.

There is a little advantage to use the Martingale, many bookmakers offer you bonuses that you must play many times on odds higher to unlock them. Use the Martingale System for betting and to unlock these bonus, so you can quickly unlock your bonus only running the risk of losing a sum offered by the bookmaker.

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