Fibonacci System

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On this page we talk about the Fibonacci System to win at Sports Betting.
Requiring maximum attention to everything written below.

Fibonacci System

Fibonacci Sequence
Characteristics & implementation
Fibonacci Sequence Example
Important Practical Advice
What should be remembered?
Worth the risk?
The Fibonacci system is based on a naturally occurring mathematical sequence and dates back almost 1000 years: For centuries, this sequence has been used as the basis for a winning betting strategy and is still a favourite of betting players today. In the Fibonacci, the sequence itself is cumulative, the next number is equal to the sum of the two previous ones.  So the first 10 numbers in the sequence are:

1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 13 - 21 - 34 - 55
Remember that the numbers represent betting units so if for example you are betting in €10 units, your stakes are:

€10 - €10 - €20 - €30 - €50 - €80 - €130 - €210 - €340 - €550

The essence of the consequence is that the choice of bets is defined in a way in which our stake is a sum of two previous bets. Using the Fibonacci system, you progress through the sequence on losing bets and return towards the start with winning bets. Each time you lose, you move on to the next number in the sequence, each time you win, you step back two numbers.

Suppose we start our simulation from 2€ and place bets for a draw with the odds 3,50
#1 €2 €2 0 -€2
#2 €2 €4 0 -€4
#3 €4 (2+2) €8 0 -€8
#4 €6 (2+4) €14 0 -€14
#5 €10 (4+6) €24 0 -€24
#6 €16 (6+10) €40 0 -€40
#7 €26 (10+16) €66 0 -€66
#8 €42 (16+26) €108 0 -€108
#9 €68 (26+42) €176 0 -€176
#10 €110 (42+68) €286 +€385 -€286 + €385 = €99
Betting with the help of Fibonacci Sequence a draw for the same team with an average coefficient 3,50, moreover 9 out of 10 matches with our team participation ended with a win, what brings us a loss after a successful choice in the 10 match our income equals €99.

To earn in this system the following should be considered:
1. After the first successful choice return to a lower level.
2. After the following successful choice we start our game from the beginning.
3. A defeat lets us get to a higher level.

What needs to be remembered:
1. Unlike progression we do not multiply but only add two previous stakes.
2. In this system bets grow easier what guarantees us safety of our capital although our win will be a bit less.
3. The sequence is used in football and hockey.
4. The Fibonacci Sequence is not stable for long series of defeats.
5. To receive a big income you have to guess games' outcomes twice in a row.
6. This system is not intended for impatient players who want to earn quickly and easily.

The Fibonacci gives small, steady profits without the risk of huge losses.
Although ranked as a medium-risk system, the Fibonacci still returns an overall loss on our gambling systems test.
If you follow this advice, the Fibonacci is a less extreme system than most.
For that reason, we recommend the Fibonacci betting system for medium risk punters, those looking for consistent profits, but who don't mind the occasional moderate loss.

Undoubtedly the Fibonacci Sequence is intended for players who are aimed at income eventually, of course nobody can give a 100% guarantee of a game end with a DRAW (as in the example above) but the most important is the limitation of a potential loss to the minimum, especially if to speak about players who value safety.

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