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Betting tools can be an important weapon to have in your betting strategy.
We offer you the best betting tools and resources to help you optimize your bets, the following tools are available for free.

Betting Tools

Online Surebets Calculator + Value Bet Calculator

Surebet: this word means mathematically win before betting.
Taking the maximum odds of the market in some cases the percentage drops below 100%.
This means that playing all the results in the right proportion is definitely wins.

How to use this table?
You must enter the values of the odds for 1, X, 2 and entering the total amount that you want to bet, clicking on 'CALCULATE' shows the total percentage of the bet, how to stake on each sign and the total revenue.

What does it mean the percentage?
The percentage is a value that indicates the advantage of the bookmaker, it is calculated by adding the percentage of all odds.
The percentage of 100% is called "neutral" (the bookmaker has no advantage), if the percentage is greater than 100 indicates an advantage of the bookmaker if below indicates an advantage for the player, calculated as 100 - the percentage.
The odds of a percentage is calculated as follows: 100 / odds.

Surebet Calculator 3 Outcomes
Odds 1
Odds X
Odds 2

Surebet Calculator 2 Outcomes

Valuebet Calculator


England - Italy 1 X   2
Odds 2.00 3.00 3.50
Odds Percentage 50,00% 33,30% 25,50%
Event Percentage   108,8%  
Major bookmakers working with percentages between 105% and 108%, giving a profit margin of 5-8%, but choosing the highest odds of the market among the many bookmakers for each event you can get to the surebet.

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