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We know the Internet is a huge space and finding all the information you need to bet can be a frustrating job.
This site is designed to be the one-stop destination for everything regarding online betting including detailed analysis of the best bookmakers.

How to Start Betting

Our simple guide will describe how to start betting online from scratch. We assume you have a working internet connection, you are at least 18 years of age and you had a minimum of experience in the betting world, also traditional ones that they are in many betting shops but especially you have requirements that we will analyze now.

Prerequisites for betting online:

To have a valid email address
Email address will serve to receive and send email to the bookmaker and to confirm your subscription at the time of registration, if you do not have an email address you could register one for free at Gmail or Yahoo.

To have a valid identity document
Keep a copy of your valid identity card (passport, identity card or in some cases your tax code), and make a scanned copy (preferably in .jpg or .png) or alternatively a traditional photocopy, will be used to confirm your identity after opening an account or when making the first withdrawal.

To have a valid payment method
After registering with one of the many bookmakers and confirming your identity you need to send money on your betting account to start betting.
To do this you need at least one valid payment method. To date, most operators accept different payment methods, to find out more we recommend reading our online payments guide.

If you have these 3 basic requirements, in addition to being aged and having a working internet connection you are ready to make your first online bet. Continue reading especially if you are at the beginning of your online betting experience!

How to make your first online stake:

Open an account at online bookmaker
Carefully choose a bookmaker according to your needs or payment methods provides so that matches with yours. You are right to choose any online bookmaker who has a valid license (both local or foreign) but operator must accepts customers from your country, so you'll be able to open an account without problems.. Our guide to the most reliable Betting Sites will clarify you current situation of online bookmakers in the world.

After opening an account read carefully the requirements for any welcome bonuses!

Make your first deposit
After you opened an account it is time to make your first deposit. Before doing so, we recommend you check carefully whether the bookmaker in question provides the so-called Welcome Bonus, which often consists of doubling your first deposit on the account up to a maximum, so if you deposit €100 for example, the bookmaker will credit you an equivalent amount, so €100 become €200 ready to bet! In our Betting Bonus page you will find an update list of bookmakers offering welcome bonuses, freebet or important promotions.

Remember that your deposit method will be the same in case of withdrawing your winnings!

Choose one or more events on which to bet
After you log in to the bookmaker's website and after depositing money in your betting account it's time to start betting on some matches! Choose carefully your match and the type of bet to make (1x2, exact result, under / over, etc.) and pay attention to the odds if you have decided to take advantage of the famous welcome bonus because the odds below a certain threshold (Usually from 1.40 to 2.00) may not be eligible to meet the bonus requirements.

Pick up your winnings
After making bets (hopefully!) winning, it's time to pick up your winnings. As previously written, the withdrawal of winnings will take place in the same way as you paid, European money laundering rules provide for this and even the bookmaker can't avoid it. So if you deposited with a credit card or Neteller, winnings can only be withdrawn through credit cards or Neteller!

To withdraw money, you must verify your identity, if you have not done so at the time of opening the account, using a valid identity document (passport or ID card) and in some cases the bookmaker may ask a proof of your residence in your country, then keep a few copies of a bill (light, gas or phone) at your fingertips, a bank statement or any other proof where your name and full address appears! If you do not have one then you could go to your municipality, ask at residence office for a residence certificate in plain paper, that is, without a stamp, and use it as a proof of your residence.

Good luck to your bets!!

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